Powering Progress

For more than a century, PSEG’s mission was to provide universal access to an around-the-clock supply of reliable, affordable power. As our larger community goals have changed, energy companies have evolved alongside them. Today, the role of the utility is evolving as we adjust to meet the changing needs and demands of our customers. 

At PSEG, our vision of the future is one where customers use less energy, the energy they use is cleaner, and its delivery is more reliable and more resilient than ever. The challenge is to realize this future without abandoning our longstanding commitment to an affordable and universal power supply.

Learn about PSE&G’s historic Clean Energy Future proposal, including new initiatives for energy efficiency, electric vehicles, energy storage and smart meter technology.

The energy industry is

undergoing a revolution.

Whether it’s shifting customer expectations or disruptive technologies, at PSEG, we do not fear change. In fact, it is our 115-year-old company’s ability to adapt to disruptive forces that will guide us into the coming decades of change.

We believe utilities of the future not only will continue to play a central role for customers, for communities and for the world around us, but also that they must play that role to ensure universal access to those benefits.

Powering Progress is our vision for PSEG’s role in that energy future.

Read ‘Powering Progress,’ a new PSEG position paper on our company’s vision for the future of energy.

Momentum to Modernize

PSEG is proactively protecting the interests of its customers by proposing programs and investments that will support safe, reliable and resilient service, wider use of clean and renewable energy, and jobs and economic growth in New Jersey.

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