Energy Storage

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed legislation that sets a goal for the state to have 600 megawatts of electric storage capacity by 2021. PSEG is a strong supporter of energy storage technology – which can play a significant role in increasing the reliability and resiliency of the electric system, as well as encourage the development of renewables, such as solar and offshore wind, by storing electricity for use when weather conditions impact generation.


In the near term, PSE&G plans to propose a $100 million pilot program to develop approximately 35 MW of energy storage, with plans to expand the program as technology advances and the costs associate with large-scale batteries become more economical.

PSE&G already has experimented with several solar storage projects throughout its New Jersey service territory – most recently in a collaborative project with the Borough of Pennington that will help keep the town’s Department of Public Works building running for an extended period of time the next time a Sandy-like storm knocks out power.

PSEG already is New Jersey’s largest developer of solar energy. We have invested nearly $2 billion to develop solar facilities in New Jersey and around the United States.

In New Jersey, our Solar 4 All program returns old, forgotten spaces – such as closed landfills and abandoned industrial sites – to productive use as solar energy generators. And our Solar Source program has developed nearly two dozen solar energy facilities in New Jersey and 13 other states.

Pennington’s solar storage system combines a 1,188-panel, 404-kilowatt-dc solar system with 574 kilowatt-hour Tesla Energy lithium-ion batteries. During normal operation, the solar system provides electricity directly to the grid and can power about 65 homes annually. During the day, solar panels recharge the batteries and help power the building; at night, battery power keeps the facility running.

Similar collaborations have taken place at the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Caldwell, Hopewell Valley Central High School in Pennington and Cooper University Medical Center in Camden.